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馃崕A Week in Outfits 路 Traveling in Toronto

Happy Friday! did you know i have a second channel for art with my sister? ✨
there will be a new video today with Lilith, head over there:
🍊 o u t f i t s
hoodie & shirt- thrifted
culottes- old
*everywhere bag & carry on-
blouse (from japan)
dress- old
shoes- from when I was 15! lol
earrings- similar:
shirt- thrift flip
pants- from japan (vlog here
black blouse & denim dress- thrifted
canvas tote-
(excuse my typo, it’s Judi not Jodi rosen!)
orange t shirt-
shorts- thrifted
red purse & earrings- thrifted
^currently sold out of the rose/white, the link is to the beige version.
also note, I had my dress tailored to be shorter- I am 5’3.

🍒D I S C O U N T S F O R Y O U🍒




20% OFF KBEAUTY/SKINCARE (soko glam)

$40 on AIRBNB


$10 RAKUTEN (cashback)…

🍓F I N D M E____________
Cats’ instagram:

🍐V I D E O______________
-Final Cut Pro x edited by me
-Canon G7x Mark II

🍋M U S I C______________
from epidemic sound

🍎FTC disclaimer- Not a sponsored video. Some links in promo section are affiliate links, in which I receive commission from transactions (i.e. amazon, rewardstyle). products mentioned that are gifted to me by kind friends at brands are marked with a (*).

hello friend,
thank you for being here. i’ve been trying my best to stay productive, although I took your advice to prioritize myself when I need to. I’ve put editing on the back burner when ever I felt like it was unnatural or extremely forced- but after all, this is my hobby AND my livelihood at the moment.
thanks to youtube, i’ve been able to pay my rent, my own food and supplies for school while saving up to pay for my loans, too. this year, I’ve got myself another job at school on top of this because it’ll be further helpful to have more stable earnings, as well 🙂
but above all, i hope you know that i come back every time for you. nothing makes youtube more special than the community and friendships that were forged thanks to this platform. it’s something that i will always look back on with great fondness.
i am not too up for chatting in detail how things are at the moment, but know that i am keeping positive. deep breaths are important, and somedays it just seems like one thing is stacked on another for me to overthink of be anxious about,
that currently, it is better if i am conscious to give myself the headspace and peace to not be worrying about something every waking second, and instead try to enjoy and see the light in everyday. it’s hard work, to have a good perspective. but i want to spend my effort on that rather than burning my energy worrying- which doesn’t help anything except make me cry and then catch a cold the next day
thank you for the continued support, and all your letters of love and care. i truly appreciate you, and you are always in my thoughts when i am editing and excited to share more experiences with you.

i know this video isn’t my greatest work, but i had fun filming the footage on my toronto trip, and thought that the footage shouldn’t go to waste. I filmed it anyway, and I’ve learned some things during editing that will strengthen videos like this in the future when I create.
please give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed, and stay tuned for the toronto vlog.

all my love,

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