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10 Best Traveling Apps in 2020

Planning your world travels and unsure of what apps you NEED? Click here to see what’s on our phones as the 10 best traveling apps in 2020!

After almost two years of full-time travel, there have been countless travel apps and digital nomad apps we would download and never use. These are not those apps! When looking for the 10 best travel apps in 2020, you have come to the write place. As digital nomads, we are constantly trying to figure out the 10 best apps for digital nomads and I think we found em! The apps in this video are the 10 best full time travel apps, the 10 best digital nomad apps, the 10 best apps for traveling…or whatever you want to call them. You get the picture!

10 Best Traveling Apps in 2020:
1. Google Translate:
2. Skyscanner:
3. Google Maps:
5. Grab:
6. Netflix:
7. Express VPN:
8. Trail Wallet:
9. Currency Exchange:
10. WhatsApp:

Sapa, Vietnam:

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