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14 Life Lessons from Traveling to 50 Countries

Life Lessons from Traveling to 50 Countries
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Hey humans,
I have been extremely lucky to have traveled to 50 countries. I pinch myself that this is my reality. I am grateful beyond belief for this gift.

Here are 14 lessons I’ve learned from my time of travel, some about my internal shifts, some about the act of traveling, some about the places I’ve visited. Obviously this is just a small little slice of the lessons I’ve learned as I have SO much more to say, however I didn’t want to make this video too long 🙂

My favourite is number 14. Let me know what point is your favourite and what you’ve learned from your own travel adventures, even if it’s local travel 🙂

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – All Humans At The Core Are The Same
1:11 – The World is Kind
2:20 – Current Intense Division In The World
3:03 – Travel Expands Your Viewpoint
3:58 – The World Is Becoming The Same
4:52 – People Are Much Happier Than We Are Told
5:44 – We All Need, Want and Crave Connection
6:04 – We’re The Same But Different. Honour The Differences.
6:30 – Critical Thinking is a Luxury
8:08 – Most Governments are Indeed Corrupt
8:24 – Traveling Long Term is Much More Affordable and Easier Than You Think
10:00 – You Develop Immensely As A Person
10:15 – Your Comfort Zone Stretches
10:50 – Fear Stops Gripping You
11:18 – You Find Out Who You Are
12:45 – Sponsorship Message
13:39 – Outro
Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

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All my love,
Sorelle Amore

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