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#57 BIG traveling ring pour / acrylic pouring / ring pour / split cup

This one was physically hard! The pouring time was more than 20 minutes and I ended up with a sore shoulder for days. I have to figure out an easier way to do these traveling ring pours.
These are still my favorite colors at the moment and I love the depth they created in this piece. It’s like a cave on fire!

The canvas measures 50×50 cm / 20”x20”.
The big split cup I’m using was made on a 3D printer by a friend of mine. It can hold app 700 ml.

Paints used:
Amsterdam oxide black for base
Amsterdam phthalo blue
Amsterdam gold deep
Amsterdam turquoise green.

Paint ratio for ring pours:
Owatrol:paint:water = 2:1:0.25-0.75

Owatrol is the European floetrol.

Like a lot of you I am a self taught liquid artist. I learned a lot by watching YouTube video made by a bunch of very talented persons, who generously shared all their expertise. A huge thanks to all of them!
I love pouring because of the diversity, the surprises and the uniqueness of every single pour. I may turn out a bit too unique from time to time!! but that’s part of the beauty. We all have different tastes when it comes to art – and everything else. Which is great, because then all the food gets eaten, all girls get married and hopefully every piece of art finds a forever home.
Hopefully this channel can help and inspire others while I continue down the road. Experimenting, making failures, discovering new ways and trying out techniques inspired by the whole pouring society, my surroundings and my stash of acrylic paints.

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