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FLAT EARTH ep. 1: Traveling to Space with Toilet Paper

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Two Harvard Engineers Ben Fischer and Blake Powers are determined to prove Nathan Thompson wrong, Leader of the Flat Earth Society that the Earth is actually a globe. In this episode, the group of 3 scientists fold toilet paper so they can safely travel to outer space and take the first actual picture of our Earth.

Thanks Everyone who helped:

Ben Schneider: @recklessbenschneider (Ben Fischer)
Blake Rosier: @Blake Rosier (Blake Powers)
Nathan Thompson: @Nathan Thompson (Nathan Thompson)
David Bonfadini: @The Magic Crasher (Fake Director)
Michael Fortner: @papirite (Fake director of photogrophy)
Mino & Eddie – HOLLY PILLOW (Nathan’s fake personal assistants)
Brooks Kossover: @Painting With Brooks (Fake Assistant Director
Rachel Lynn: @Twintertainment TV (Makeup and Covid lady)

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