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Government put me in Quarantine… Traveling during the coronavirus pandemic – vlog!

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hi friends!!

I know I’ve been gone for too long! I’m sooooo sorry, I just had a lot going on and wasn’t in the right space to film anything. With the pandemic going on I chose not to eat anymore outside food for a while so I didn’t film and mukbang’s. Starting today I will be back on track posting 1-2 times per week, yay!!!

Please do not travel unless it is absolutely needed. When traveling please be extra cautious and follow all the rules provided by the CDC. I was quarantined at home for almost 1 month before traveling and I am now quarantined at home in Cyprus following my governments guidelines.

This vlog is about my journey from the USA to Cyprus during the pandemic! My life this week has been extremely hectic, and I filmed as much as I could about my journey. ✈️ I took 4 flights to be able to get home and traveled with my cat Winston. I was placed in government lockdown when I arrived in Cyprus and was tested for COVID-19.

I tried to show and explain everything going on, but if you have ANY questions, comment down below!! If you’re a Resident or Cypriot Citizen looking for information on how to come home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and dm me on IG, I can help you get the correct info you need!

My channel is very small, like minuscule haha! However, any profit made from this video being monetized will go towards Black Lives Matter.
If you want to directly donate you can click this link:
If you cannot afford to donate, there are many ways to support! You can watch videos that support BLM (including this one) that have stated the money they raise in the video will be donated to BLM and other supporting charities.

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