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How do You Overcome the Anxiety of Traveling?

The question is, “How do you overcome the anxiety of traveling?” The best way for me to explain the answer is to tell you my story which began at a community college in 2014.

I had only been on an airplane once when I decided to study abroad in Cuzco, Peru. It was the scariest decision I had ever made. I was so frightened to leave the United States.

I had no idea of the life-changing experience that awaited me. I had so much anxiety about leaving that I lost a lot of sleep leading up to the trip.

I have been blessed to visit Taiwan, Singapore, The Philippines, Peru, and Thailand, thus far.

The solution to anxiety is preparation. When I travel, I do my homework first. I learn from everyone who has any experience on my country of destination. How much does transportation cost? Where would I stay? What kind of foods should I eat? These are all questions that relieve the anxiety of traveling.

In the end, traveling makes us better people. We learn to adapt to new people, environments, cultures, landscapes, and religions. Traveling is worth it!

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