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How to Travel With Medications (In Airplane)

I’m sharing how to travel with medications in the airplane. Traveling with medications can be confusing when it is time to pack your medicines because of all of the airport security rules. Individuals of all ages have medicines to pack, some of you are diabetic, and many of you asked me to make a video about how to pack those medicines or what liquid medications are allowed when you go through airport security. I will walk you through how to pack medications. Some medications are liquids that are more than 3.4 ounces; do they need to go in the liquids bag? What do you do if your medicines do not fit in your liquids bag? Do you have to have a prescription for ever medicine? Can they go in your checked suitcase? I will hopefully answer these concerns in this video How to Travel With Medications. #traveltips #travelwithmedications #travelwithdiabetes

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