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Packet Traveling – How Packets Move Through a Network

This video will illustrate everything that happens to describe how packets travel through a network. Specifically, we will look at every step to get a packet from a host, through a switch, then a router, then another switch, and finally to another host.

This video is the series finale to an article series on Practical that explains everything you need to know to understand how data moves through the Internet. You can read the Packet Traveling series here:

0:00 Intro
0:45 Topology Introduction
1:43 ARP Tables, MAC Address Tables, Routing Tables
3:38 Packet from Host A to Host D
11:18 Response from Host D to Host A
14:11 Outro

Here are the rest of the articles in the Series:

OSI Model:
Key Players:
Host to Host communication:
Host to Host communication through a Switch:
Host to Host communication through a Router:
Host to Switch to Router to Switch to Host:

You can read more articles on Network Engineering and Network Security at Practical Networking:

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