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Pipeline Welding-The Traveling Lifestyle

Morning starts early for us. Come with us a full day of in the life of a rig welder. 3:00 am we are up and warming trucks. Why so early you say? We get up to go to the Gym almost every morning. After the gym we are ready to head to work. On this day of being a rig welder or pipeline welder we are jumping around like crazy. We start of in the hooch, building or fabricating pipe risers for our well head connections. After that we have a bad fitting that needs tossed so we pull out the pipe beveler and go to work cutting and rewelding a new fitting on. Then down to the well pad where we are welding On the sweeps so they can get them lowered in for a quick few sets of tie ins. After tie ins we are up welding and laying line pipe. Is it all making sense why we have mobile welding trucks? They day is done after capping and taking care of the 12 line pipe at the end of the day. Let’s get home to the family the most important part of my day. We are full time RV traveling welders that bring there family with us. There is nothing like getting to come home to your love ones after of a full day of being a rig welder. Hope you guys enjoy be blessed.

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