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Riding Japan’s 7 Star Luxury Sleeper Train | Seven Stars in Kyushu

Today we will ride the most luxurious sleeper train in Japan, the Seven Stars in Kyushu around Kyushu.
This train is renowned as the pinnacle of luxurious travel and is possibly the hardest train to ride in the world.
Please enjoy the trip!!!

Fee: 900,000JPY/7,000USD/560,000INR/9,000CAD/6,500EUR/5,600GBP/9,000,000KRW/500,000RUB
Route: Hakata – Hakata (2night 1 day/825km(510mile))
Train: “Seven Stars in Kyushu” Sleeper Express.
Type: Seven Stars Suite
Experience: E L E G A N T

0:00 Introduction
0:50 Map & Cost
1:13 Lounge
3:02 Departure
8:02 Room Tour
12:54 Train Tour
16:18 Lunch
19:25 Kumamoto, Sea, Lunchbox, Sunset
22:20 Dinner
26:36 Shower & Goodnight
29:02 Breakfast
31:28 Ride the Seven-star bus
33:00 Tea ceremony
35:22 Lunch
40:00 3 Billion Yen Frame, Mountains, Santa Claus
42:57 Thank you for watching!!!

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