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Sleeper Seat on Japan’s Newest Overnight Train 😴 12 Hour Trip from Kyoto 🛏 Solo Travel Video

The West Express Ginga (ウエストエクスプレス銀河) is Japan’s newest sleeper train. The word Ginga means galaxy in Japanese. Today, I stayed in a semi-private room called First Seat. Would you like to try it someday?

Price … 🇯🇵 ¥36,500 JPY / 🇺🇸 $277.70 USD
🇪🇺€264 / 🇬🇧£226 / 🇨🇦C$362 / 🇮🇳₹21,900
Name … West Express Ginga (First Seat)
Route … From Kyoto Station to Shingu Station
Travel Time … 12 hours (315 km / 195 mi)
How to Make a Reservation … by phone or online

☆★☆This is what it was actually like!☆★☆
* The curtains of the seat are a little transparent and sexy.
* The design of the train is stunning in every detail.
* I was doing my business in the bathroom and forgot to close the lock, so a strange guy opened the door.
* Currently, only package tours are sold, and one-way tickets cannot be purchased.
* Online reservations can be made one month prior to the travel date.
* When you get on the train, I recommend you get a map with the times when you can see the ocean!

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🏆 Japan’s 7 Best Night Trains 🏆
No.1 🥇 Sunrise Izumoサンライズ出雲
No.2 🥈 Sunrise Seto サンライズ瀬戸
No.3 🥉 Seven Stars in Kyushu ななつ星in九州
No.4 🏅 Cassiopeia カシオペア紀行
No.5 🏅 Twilight Express Mizukaze トワイライトエクスプレス瑞風
No.6 🏅 West Express Ginga ウエストエクスプレス銀河
No.7 🏅 Train Suite Shiki-Shima トランスイート四季島
Source: ITmedia,

🏆 World’s Most Luxurious Trains TOP10 🏆
No.1 🥇 Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE)
No.2 🥈 Golden Eagle
No.3 🥉 Belmond Andean Explorer
No.4 🏅 The Canadian
No.5 🏅 The Ghan
No.6 🏅 Maharajas’ Express
No.8 🏅 The Rocky Mountaineer
No.9 🏅 Caledonian Sleeper
No.10 🏅 Amtrak California Zephyr
As they are my personal choices, I’m open to different opinions ☺️
If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment!

Thank you for watching! 😉

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Image / map … Pingebat (Italy) / (under license) / Google Maps

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0:00 Solo Travel on Japan’s Overnight Sleeper Train, West Express Ginga, from Kyoto Station 京都駅から日本で最新の寝台列車WEST EXPRESS銀河に乗って一人旅
0:47 Most Expensive First Class seat (Premier Room), Cheapest berths (Couchette), and Semi-private room (First Seat) 最も高級なファーストクラスのプレミアルーム・最安の寝台クシェット・ファーストシート
6:20 Table with chessboard design / Lounge チェス盤デザインのテーブル・ラウンジ
11:58 Breakfast while enjoying the ocean view オーシャンビューの朝食
16:23 How to make a reservation / Arrival at Shingu Station 予約方法・新宮駅に到着

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