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SovCit | I’m Traveling

Tonight I’m hosting a discussion with Schrodinger’s Cat as he presents some of his favorite Sovereign Citizen Fails, both on the street and in the courtroom.

Sovereign Citizens have a strange interpretation of their ‘natural rights’ to include being able to drive vehicles on public roads without a license or vehicle registration (they aren’t driving, they are ‘traveling’). They feel their identities (name) are different from their ‘person’ and the corporate entity known as ‘government’ only has jurisdiction over their ‘name’ when their name is spelled in all Caps. Otherwise the courts and police have no jurisdiction over them.

Watch how they interpret these and other terms to try and dictate the actions of the police and courts. Look for key phrases ‘I am traveling’, ‘I want a supervisor’, I am here in ‘honor’, and I am only a representative of the entity known as ‘John Smith’

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