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The Complete Travels of Gandalf | Tolkien Explained

Gandalf is known for his many travels far and wide in Middle-earth. Today, we cover all of the known journeys of the great wizard. From his dwelling in Aman during the first and second ages to his deeds in overthrowing Sauron and return to the Undying Lands, we will see where Gandalf goes, and explain why.

Unlike Saruman, Gandalf never sets down roots, preferring to travel far and wide in his efforts to fight Sauron. Whether you call him Mithrandir, Tharkûn, or Gandalf, you’ll enjoy seeing every one of his journey’s during his centuries in Middle-earth.

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Dwarf – Gaudi Buendia
G for Grand – Ink Yami
Gandalf and Frodo – Anrea Piparo
Gandalf Falls with the Balrog – John Howe
Gandalf, A light in the Dark – Matthew Stewart
Gandalf – Ethan Cunningham
Gandalf in Minas Tirith – Anke Eissmann
Gandalf Attacks Dol Guldur – John Howe
Necromancer – FirstRingProject
Gandalf vs the Balrog – Nicolas Siner
Gandalf and the Balrog on Celebdil – Ted Nasmith
Gandalf Returns – Ted Nasmith
Gandalf and Thorin in Bree – Ted Nasmith
Gandalf and the Nazgul – Ted Nasmith
Nazgul at the Walls – Ted Nasmith
Shadows of the Past – Donato Giancola
Dol Guldur – Angus McBride
The White Sapling – Darrell K Sweet
Cormallen – Tolman Cotton
The Last Homely House – Alan Lee
The Door of Durin – Alan Lee
Anger of the Mountains – Ted Nasmith
At Beorn’s Hall – Ted Nasmith
Bilbo and the Arkenstone – Ted Nasmith
Elessar marries Arwen – Brothers Hildebrandt
Elessar’s Coronation – Brothers Hildebrandt
Gandaf, Aragorn, & Samwise – Donato Giancola
The Goblin King – Alan Lee
Zikakzigil – John Howe
Old Friends – momofukuu
Olorin Arrives – leewlundin
Sam and Frodo – Ted Nasmith
Winter in the Shire – Ralph Bakshi
The Siege of Minas Tirith – Jesse Vandijk
The Black Rider and the Gaffer – Stephen Hickman
Departure at the Grey Havens – Ted Nasmith
Elves in the Woody End – Ted Nasmith
At the Inn of the Prancing Pony – Ted Nasmith
A View of Hobbiton from the Hill – Ted Nasmith
The Spiders of Mirkwood – Ted Nasmith
Winter in the Shire – MintDr

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