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THIS IS THE LIFE! (Traveling In My Van In Poland)

Is this the most beautiful village in Poland?! The Polish Government send us a warning for bad weather but that doesn’t stop us going on an adventure today. Join us as we visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow and then head to Zalipie to see if the claims about this place are true!

Watch Tom explore an abandoned mine in Cornwall


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Who are we? 💁🏼‍♀️
We’re Tom and Iz, a young couple from Cornwall, the UK, who live and travel full time in our van La Bamba. We love nature and try to spend as much time as possible wild swimming, hiking and being outdoors! 10 years ago we had a whirlwind summer romance, then went our separate ways to travel and go to university and fast forward 4 years later, we found ourselves back in the same place at the same time as each other and the rest is history.

Why Van Life? 🚐
We bought the van back in 2019 whilst Iz was training to be a secondary science teacher. “Van Life” isn’t something I had followed online during my teacher training, but within days of my brothers showing me YouTube videos of people living in vans, I became obsessed. I was really unhappy in my training and very stressed.

“Van Life” was an escapism for me and it represented freedom. I had some money saved up and my brothers showed me our van “La Bamba” on gumtree. I forced myself to sleep on it and the next day I asked my dad if he would come with me to Bournemouth to view it. Meanwhile Tom is in Estonia on a stag do for his best friend. We haven’t spoken about getting a van before and I know nothing about what makes a van good and no idea on van conversions! But I buy it! I phone Tom to say we now have a van – whoops! We were all so excited. With the help of my brothers and the space on my mum’s drive (and lots of YouTube videos) and alongside full time work and uni, we convert her to live in! 🛠

Two years later and Iz finds work she can do remotely from the van and Tom starts our YouTube channel. 📸

Since then we haven’t looked back and when the pandemic allowed us to, we travelled to Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and most recently we have completed a road trip from Cornwall to Estonia (via Norway). 🎥


We are now making an ENTIRE LAP AROUND EUROPE and are taking you along with us. We upload on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 5pm UK time. 🌍

Our message on our channel is to inspire others to do what they love as life is too short! We love living simply, freely with less stuff but more time! ✨

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Van Life Remote Work Set-up 🖥
Mac Mini-
Keyboard –
Mouse –
Harddrive –
Headset –

Our Vlogging Gear 📸
Canon main camera -
GoPro –
Mic –
Tripod –
Drone –
Camera bag –

Electrical Set-up ⚡️
Battery to Battery Charger (DC-DC)
Lithium Iron Battery
Battery Monitor
Solar Charge Controller
Mains Battery Charger

Game changers for our Van Life 🚐
Fridge –
Paddleboard –
Customised Paddleboard –
Projector –
Projector pull down screen –
Internet mobile wifi router –
Magnetic aerials to stick on the roof –
Kindle –
Toilet –

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THANK YOU for all the wonderful support 💛🌼

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