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Top 8 Camping Kits and Cheap Campervans for Traveling on a Budget

Lets say you really want to become a part of the camper life movement, but wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of money on an RV, wouldn’t want a trailer occupying space in your garage, but much rather prefer to own an affordable camping van or convert your current vehicle into one. In today’s episode, we will show you the cheapest van models on the market as well as demonstrate convenient camper boxes and kits that can turn nearly any motorized thing into a vacation vehicle.

0:42 #1 Nest by egoé

The ego is a Czech company founded in 2006 and it specializes in design, development and production of outdoor furniture. In 2016 they brought a new product to the market designed solely for car-camping enthusiasts called the Nestbox.

2:02 #2 Sipras Camping Box

FLIP box is a portable camping solution that could be installed on any midsize vehicle with a hatch in the back, be it a crossover, SUV, MPV or a van.

3:22 #3 Karmann Davis 620

Karmann-Mobil has been manufacturing motorhomes since 1977. When it comes to the first-class features their Davis 620 campervan based on the Fiat Ducato platform leaves nothing else to be desired.

4:42 #4 Bus Boxx Santa Cruz

If you already own a VW Transporter T5 or T6 van models, then you are in luck! There is no need for you to spend a bunch of money to own a camper, you can easily upgrade your vehicle with a Santa Cruz Bus Boxx.

6:02 #5 Recon Campers

The conversion platform of choice for Recon Campers is a Nissan NV200 compact MPV. The company has options for any wallet size.

7:21 #6 Hillside Leisure VW Transporter

If the standard Volkswagen California offered by the dealerships is not able to satisfy you or costs too much, you should definitely look into aftermarket conversion the likes provided by Hillside Leisure company in California.

8:42 #7 Southern Spirit Renault Traffic

If you live in Australia, you must be well aware that automotive industry makes great markups here, so obtaining a cheap camper van is always a challenge. However to save up some cash you can address to Southern Spirit Campervans, who will build a camper van for you based on the cheaper Renault Traffic.

10:02 #8 Off-grid Adventure Van

Off-Grid Adventure vans, or simply Oga Vans, is a Maryland company that focuses on producing the most affordable camping solutions. Their builds could be based on nearly any vehicle of customer’s choice, however they specialize mostly on the Ram pro Master conversions.

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