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Traveling across America by train to visit Yellowstone

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I’ve always been fascinated with history and rail travel here in America so last year we decided to take a vacation inspired by the late 1800’s: a rail adventure to Yellowstone National Park!

Special thanks to our tour guide Nancy for an amazing week where we got to see so much more than we would have on our own. If you guys are planning to go to Yellowstone for the first time a tour through the Yellowstone Forever foundation is THE way to experience the park ➤
● These are the guided tours run by Yellowstone Forever: ➤

Our trip was inspired by this blog post ➤
NOTE: DO NOT take the shuttle as mentioned in that blog. A week+ of car rental is far cheaper and gives you much more flexibility.

Special thanks to our travel agent Kelly who really helped us plan our Amtrak schedule to and from the park:

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