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Traveling in China | Would you dare to cross this amazing glass bridge?

Heyuan is a city located around 2 and a half hours driving from Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Is a touristic city known for being the place where thousand of dinosaurs fossils have been found, also a place that offers a variety of touristic attractions.
One of the best known attractions in this city are the amusement parks, that, at the best Disneyland style, offers a bunch of options from different kind of water parks and roller coasters to hotels and restaurants.
I came to one of the park complexes located in this beautiful city to spend a wonderful weekend full of fun!
I stayed at the Four points by Sheraton, a theme hotel inspired by the German state of Bavaria, is a property that offers a series of leisure activities and attractions, with castles, windmills and European architectural styles.
There are two different resorts right next to each other, the Bavarian Manor resort and Ketianxia International Tourism Resort, In both complexes you will find tons of options for entertainment, for all family members.
The Bavarian manor blends Eastern and Western cultures. The Chinese Hakka enclosures give people a sense of traditional Chinese beauty. There are also German castles and windmills, making people feel that they are in a fairytale kingdom. Here, you can also enjoy hot springs, playgrounds and other entertainment facilities. You can see a big circus, song and dance performances, as well as other exciting programs.

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