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traveling this much was a mistake

Visiting Jordan’s home was overdue but the trip was crazier than we expected! (Mexico, United States, Canada vlog)
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This year, we decided it was time to branch out and travel more of the world. Earlier in 2019, we went to Las Vegas, Arizona, and Lima, Peru. This time, we wanted to make an extra special trip back to Jordan’s home state: MINNESOTA.

You’ll notice pretty quickly that our itinerary to get from Cancun to Winnipeg was kind of insane! It worked out that way because we found a great deal on Delta airline tickets. Although we were flying into Winnipeg, Manitoba, the majority of our trip was spent near where I grew up in Minnesota. If you’re wondering why we didn’t just fly to Minnesota, it’s because Jordan’s mom lives in Winnipeg. We wanted to see as much of his friends and family as we could during this trip. As you might guess, that made for a jam-packed and rather stressful trip overall.

In this airplane and airport travel vlog, we also:
1. Spend a couple of very long and tiring travel days (please excuse our zombie-ness)
2. Enjoy (or endure) 9 hours in a Delta Sky Club airport lounge;
3. Witness something really strange: a pop-up wedding in the airport lounge; and
4. Spend tons of time enjoying Minnesota’s nature by boating, kayaking, and visiting Lake Lida, Pelican Lake, and Little Toad Lake.

Although this video takes place in Canada, Minnesota, and Las Vegas, we are actually a travel couple living near Cancun, Mexico in a beach town called Puerto Morelos. If you’re interested in seeing more of our life in Mexico, please subscribe to our channel:

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