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traveling to alaska, house tour, + scenic road trip!

traveling with a toddler for our vacation in Alaska, scenic road trip through southern Alaska, and house tour of our little cottage for the week!

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This video was edited by Rachel Resnick

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About Sierra and Stephen IRL
Hey friends! I’m Sierra Schultzzie and this is my vlog channel with my husband, Stephen. We started vlogging 5 years ago to document planning our wedding and growing together as a young married couple, and the channel has now really become our passion project. We love creating travel vlogs, disneyland vlogs, showing behind the scenes of creating my fashion and lifestyle videos, and all the little ups and downs of our unfiltered, real life. We loved documenting our journey trying to concieve and getting pregnant, are now so happy to be sharing our experience as first time parents to our daughter, Grace.

traveling to alaska, house tour, + scenic road trip!

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