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Traveling to Thailand During COVID | Thailand News Today

Traveling to Thailand During COVID | Thailand News Today
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It’s official: You may still have to undergo quarantine despite of all the promises made by the Phuket Sandbox Program – a sad reality more travelers are waking up to when they arrive in the country.

As a family of 3 traveled from Denmark to Thailand, the daughter tested positive for COVID and was transferred to a quarantine approved facility, something nobody would have expected.

The Phuket Sandbox program allows fully vaccinated and tested travelers to enter the island without quarantine assuming the on arrival test result comes back negative. Then tourists just need to stay within the sandbox for 7 days before they’re allowed to travel throughout whole Thailand.

Is it worth booking a vacation to Thailand? While it is still possible to face quarantine, most travelers who don’t test positive upon arrival don’t have any problems at all.

In the event someone on your flight tests positive, you may or may not be quarantined. It depends on how far away you were seated.

Travling to Southeast Asia has become increasingly more difficult leaving digital nomads no other choice but to try other regions this world has to offer.

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