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Traveling with absolutely no money, what I have learned | Edouard Jacqmin | TEDxUCLouvain

Most of us dream about traveling. But many of us believe we can’t because of lack of money. Edouard, 24, has traveled in Eastern Europe for 21 days without spending a single cent. One day he just emptied his wallet and hit the road. Crossing 5 different countries, he learned during this incredible adventure 4 lessons we can all apply in our daily lives.

Edouard, 24, is a composer, a songwriter and a producer from Belgium. He graduated from the Middlesex University of London in music composition in 2015 and over the past year and a half he has been releasing music and gigging.
In June 2016 he took his guitar on his back and went on a 21-day moneyless journey across Eastern Europe. Through hitchhiking and asking random people in the street “Hello, can I sleep at your place tonight?” he managed to travel in 5 different countries without spending a cent.
It is during this trip that he wrote his first EP ‘Happily’, released in November 2016. The EP contains the 4 songs he wrote in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.
He lives in Brussels and is currently working on his first album.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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