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Traveling With Kids- Aruba 2020

My husband and I enjoy traveling very much and made a vow that we would continue to travel as much as we could even after having children. However, the first time I traveled with my firstborn son, I was completely stressed out and tried to mentally prepare for the trip over and over in my head. Besides making sure we had everything we needed for the flight and the trip itself, I think what worried me most was how the baby would enjoy the flight! Was he going to be a screamer? Would he sleep at all or would his ears bother him from the altitude? My husband and I practiced how we would go through airport security and even how we were to board the plane. Who will go first, who would carry the luggage, who would hold the baby and who would make the bottles when the baby was ready to eat? As with any new experience, you may be overwhelmed with fear, but then you realize all of that emotion was built up for what? Over the years, I learned a few tricks on traveling with children that allowed my husband and I to take our kids on airplane rides as long as 14 hours to Dubai, or as short as 2 hours to Florida, without a hitch. Here’s our experience of traveling during the pandemic and with 3 children. We were very impressed with how careful Aruba officials were with Covid safety precautions. We cannot wait to go back!

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