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Vlog: Traveling to London via the Train and underground

Personal blog story of me traveling to London from the East Midlands. I don’t normally go to London but when I do I prefer to take the train as it saves time and money. How do you get to London when you have to go?

As many of you know I am documenting my life overseas specifically as it relates to living in England. This is a video of my journey down to London after spending several days in quarantine because of covid.

Today I’m sharing my trip from the midlands down to London via the train. Taking a train in America is not as simple and as easy as it is in europe and London. I don’t think i road a train until I was 18 years old.

I thought I would share my experience living abroad as an expat from the USA and what life is really like in the UK and elsewhere. This is my Life in the United Kingdom series from an American Expat.

Living overseas is a great experience for anyone as it expands your horizons and gets you to see more of the world. Here I discuss how my 10 plus years of living overseas has added a to my overall view of things as they compare to America.

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