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What I’ve learned Traveling the World

Over the last four years I’ve traveled the world and I feel completely changed as a person. With this video I don’t want to make you think or pretend that you only change because of traveling or that you will need to travel to change. Life itself is a journey that can teach you many things when you listen.

How ever I did want to make a video like this because I think a lot of you that have traveled can agree, and I hope it can inspire someone to travel at least once to learn from others and I think sharing something positive that evokes unity is always a never a bad thing.

When I started traveling I was so new to the world and had only met people from where I am from. Not many with a different upbringing, from a different country or culture and not many people with a big story or passion at all. When I started traveling this comepletely changed and I was constantly with different people from all over the world wether they were traveling or local. This is when I started learning from their differences. Every day I was changing from what you can call someone with a dominant and impatient character to ultimately someone very calm, patient and positive. All because of the people I met and experiences I had.

To give you an inside into my thoughts over these years I’ve summarized them in to a couple of main points that I think you will learn when traveling and when you’re willing to realize you can learn a lot from others and expierences on the road.

These are: You learn to reflect with yourself through experiences and others. You can learn to become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. You learn to be flexible as you realize that the only thing you know for sure is that anything can happen during your trip. Accepting that change is inevitable and learning to analyze it the right way. Realizing that people for a large part are their own past experiences and that just because they don’t realize something yet it doesn’t mean they won’t change and this works the same way for yourself. If someone changes for the better, love them twice as much because they now also have to live with their past and they consciously chose to change. These are the people you want around and you can have healthy conversations with. You think you need so many things only to meet someone with “nothing” to realize you don’t. Everything you have you don’t need but can make your life easier so be grateful for what you have and have achieved so far. You can’t dehumanize a person based on material possessions, race or education and once you meet people like this you will understand why. You now identify differences differently, they are now based on things you eye important in a person and nothing else. Being different might just be great in a society where judgement and depression has demanded so much which you will only realize once meeting the right people…

I am however, very fortunate to have met the right people even before I started traveling so I won’t deny at all that there are so many amazing people all around. I just think that traveling has this intense day to day interaction with different people and experiences that it just makes this progress so much faster. When I was traveling I would meet people I only knew only from Instagram, sometimes more than a month at a time so your experience with them is intense which will only result in learning and adapting.

Anyways, thanks a lot for watching and I hope to see you in the next video!

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