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What’s Next for Us? | Two Traveling Kings

What’s next?… Great question 🙂

We’ve had lots of fun creating our Australia content and want to keep moving in that direction. From coffee videos, to cultural comparisons, to food reviews, we’ve got you covered!

J & L


Everyone’s travel story is different, whether it is planning a week long vacation in Japan, or traveling long term. We are excited to share our travel adventures with you all and if you have any questions about traveling (what we packed, how we planned, how we booked Airbnb’s, etc.) let us know in the comments!

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About Us:
We’re Jenny and Logan, American Millennials with a passion for traveling and eating delicious food from all around the world. Our love for travel started in the UK where we lived and worked for a while, traveling to different European cities almost every weekend. So when we went back to our “normal” lives in the US, we knew we weren’t ready to settle down. This motivated us to plan a trip around the world and then a year in Australia. We decided to give this vlogging thing a shot and have really enjoyed sharing our travel journey. Who knows where we’ll end up next, so be sure to follow along to find out! 🙂

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