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Wingin’ It! with Traveling Robert!! | RV Life

Hanging Out With Traveling Robert | Wingin’ It! with Friends

One of the things we love most about the RV lifestyle is all of the great and interesting people that we meet out on the road. Robert Morales (aka Traveling Robert) is a fellow RVer from Miami who we have always hoped to cross paths with. We have watched his YouTube Channel for YEARS and have communicated with him via the internet and social media, but our paths have never crossed… until now!

We were so excited to find ourselves in the same RV resort as Traveling Robert for a couple of nights and finally had the chance to visit in person. Robert is as nice a person as you would expect. What you see in his videos is exactly what you get in real life.

Thank you Robert, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us for this episode of Wingin’ It! With Friends. We look forward to crossing paths again in the future. See you on the road!

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Chapters :
00:00 Intro
01:24 Rules of Wingin’ It!
01:50 Introducing Robert Morales aka Traveling Robert
02:20 Riding in My RV
02:32 Why Robert Began Writing His Own Music
02:57 How We Met Traveling Robert
03:37 How Traveling Robert Became an RVer
04:34 Robert’s Start on YouTube
05:40 Why Robert Chose Minitini As His First RV
06:36 A Couple of Tips About Buying Your First RV
07:54 What RV Traveling Robert Travels in Now
08:31 How an RV Texas Y’all Sticker Got On The Back of Robert’s First RV
09:31 Does Traveling Robert Still Have the Original Minitini?
10:05 How Many Miles Does Traveling Robert Travel In A Year?
11:00 Has Traveling Robert Been to All 50 States?
11:43 Adventure is Robert’s Middle Name
11:54 Why Traveling Robert Went RVing in Finland
12:51 Questions Traveling Robert Gets Asked A Lot
13:55 Where We Filmed This Video
15:23 Traveling Robert’s Biggest RV Challenges
17:21 Taking the Bad With the Good
18:00 How Traveling Robert’s YouTube Channel is Unique
18:53 Robert’s Experience As a Musician
19:35 Robert Morales Is The Hardest Working Man in RV Content Creation
19:55 Traveling Robert’s Podcast
21:40 What Is On Traveling Robert’s Bucket List?
22:37 Wrapping It All Up: Final Words From Robert
23:37 Where You Can Find Traveling Robert

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As Native Texans and full-time RVers, we want to road trip from the beaches of the Gulf Coast to the canyons of the Texas Panhandle, the mountains of West Texas, and everywhere in between. Texas is home to forests, rivers, lakes, caverns, hills, grassy plains, and so much more. The history, the food, the culture, the nature… We want to explore it all and share it with you!

Join us as we explore the Great State of Texas and Beyond one campground at a time because we want us all to experience life, not just live it!

Safe Travels and Happy Camping y’all!

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Music Credits:
“Free in My RV”, Traveling Robert, aka Robert Morales

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